Our Areca artificial palms in the different sizes

Our Areca palms are a lifelike replica of a real palm tree. They are neither artificial palm trees nor real palm trees. Practically an artificial palm in real built from natural palm bark and real dried palm fronds. At first sight you can't see any difference to a real palm tree. Deceptively real looking, our Areca Palms are carefree and unlimitedly durable.

 half & half

½ and ½

fifty fifty

Half real, half artificial


But no half measures, but full of eye-catchers and double joy - these are our palms!


With our Areca Palms you create a never ending holiday feeling!

Please note: When shipped, our palm trees are to be assembled on site, regardless of the different sizes. The assembly is simple and everyone succeeds. You can find an illustrated assembly instruction here: Assembly instruction The package consists of the trunk and separately the fronds. An assembly instruction is also enclosed with the shipment.

We ship our palm trees without plant pots. Individual tastes as well as colour wishes are very different and it is necessary to send a second package to each palm tree. But if you do not have your own solution ready, here you will find pots in anthracite.

Our palm trees are robust, but only suitable for outdoor areas to a limited extent, but they are still used as decorations by many beach bars, OpenAir events and in the private garden. Please talk to us about this topic beforehand so that we can find individual solutions. Because any product guarantee / warranty and the right of return expires when our palms are used outdoors. Why?