Fire Preventing Spray

Fire Preventing Spray 201 - 5l
99,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Fire Preventing Spray 201 - 400ml
14,99 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

Fire protection in public spaces with public access requires that decorations must be at least "flame-retardant". This applies to bars, restaurants, clubs, discotheques, exhibition stands, theatres, shops, shopping centres and other meeting places.

Here our colourless fire protection spray offers the solution! It is easy and quick to apply and reduces the risk of flammability.

It offers a simple and effective fire protection impregnation for interior decorations made of the following materials:

  • crepe paper
  • decorative fabrics from cellulose fibre fabric
  • Jute

We ourselves use it preferably for our palm leaves and coconut fibre to make them "flame resistant" according to DIN 4102 / B1.

Especially popular is our 400ml spray bottle, because it is very easy to handle. For larger areas 5 litres of flame protection spray are available from us in a canister. This can be easily decanted into a normal "flower spray bottle" on site and is therefore also very easy to use.

The flame-resistance of absorbent materials according to DIN-4102/B1 is certified in a general building inspection test certificate.

A few more things about fire protection:
Fire protection is everything that prevents the outbreak and expansion of fire. Therefore, preventive fire protection is particularly important. This is regulated in the individual state regulations. The basis is the classification according to DIN 4102, which covers the fire behaviour of building materials. For public spaces, proof of fire protection must be available. This also applies to the use of our products when they are used in places of assembly which are subject to the German law on places of assembly. Individual examples of what is covered by this are already mentioned above. The test certificate enclosed with our flame retardant certifies the required low flammability and must be presented at official inspections. And, of course, general compliance with all specifications as well as the correct behaviour in case of fire! stay save...