Assembly instruction

We deliver:

1. palm trunk incl. attached foam ball
2. corresponding number of sharpened palm fronds depending on the size of the palm
3. extra coconut fibre for possible lamination

It is additionally required:

1. a plant pot of adequate size (approx. 40-50 cm diameter)
2. approx. 25 litres of simple sand (available in every hardware store)
3. optionally some clay granulate or bark mulch as a decorative layer

And now the palm tree comes alive - here we go:

The potting

The palm trunk is placed in the plant pot and the pot is filled with slightly moistened sand. Stamped well it gives the palm the necessary hold. A decorative layer of clay granules or bark mulch on the sand surface always looks good.
The potting

Inserting the duster

Plan a maximum of 30 palm fronds per Areca and 20 per Phoenix Palm trunk. Please note, less is often more and also looks better.

When draping the palm crown, pay attention to the choice of fronds, so put the most beautiful or longest specimens in your opinion in the front of the main viewing side, or in the corners of the room, the shortened fronds to the back.
Inserting the fronds

Designing the palm crown

Now insert the pre-sharpened palm fronds, shortened to the desired length with the cutter knife if necessary, into the hard foam ball attached to the tip of the trunk. Start by inserting about 5 fronds as vertically as possible, i.e. very steeply, and then continue to descend in circles until a round palm crown is formed by itself.

Make sure that the undersides of the fronds are also at the bottom when inserting them, the underside can be recognised by the more pronounced middle strand.

The finishing touches

Do not put too deep, because the fronds, due to their own weight, still tilt down up to 10cm.

Drape the crown according to your personal criteria regarding the location. Finally, if necessary, use small pieces of the coconut fibre provided to make the hard foam ball disappear completely between the inserted fronds.

Ready ; )

And some other important information:

The fronds are a natural product, which means they are never identical in shape. For example, fringed fronds or slender shoots are an indication of the natural origin. This distinguishes our palms from artificial ones.

The palm fronds are dried and preserved with natural, harmless essences such as latex extract, glycerine and vinegar. Allergy sufferers could react to the substances mentioned - but we are not aware of one case so far. An initial smell will disappear within a few days, depending on room climate and ventilation.

The plug-in system is suitable for repeated reconstruction, e.g. when moving house. If you should need a new plug-in ball, you can obtain it from us at any time.

The palm fronds are provided with colour pigments for additional protection against UV-radiation, but are nevertheless only conditionally suitable for outdoor use. Permanent exposure to sunlight can fade the fronds. Rain and storm can cause damage.

The palm fronds can be easily cleaned with water. Do not rub them too hard with a soft brush, so that the structure and the preservation surface is not damaged.

Make sure that the palm tree stands securely and observe any official regulations. The tips of the fronds could cause injuries - take this into account when setting up the palm, choosing a location and selecting the height of the palm. However, we are not aware of any cases so far. expressly excludes any liability here.

Just call us if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you!