Why are palms so popular as a stylistic element?

When you think of palm trees, you think of sea, beach, sun and holidays. Palm trees symbolize a relaxed lifestyle. For a long time sailors have had a palm tree tattoo as a reminder of their journeys. It stands for the memory of exotic places. The longing and the wanderlust.

But the palm tree or the palm branch symbolises so much more...


An old date palm is called the "tree of life". It stands for immortality and eternity. The long, straight trunk of a palm tree is often referred to as the line of thought and thus stands for wisdom.

Palm trees look imposing and majestic. Already with the Egyptians and Romans they were the symbol of victory. They can be found in many coats of arms and on old coins. At the Olympic Games in Greece, the winners were presented with a palm branch. Victory also means the ending of a war and so the palm branch stands for peace.


The palm leaf is one of the oldest plant symbols of all. In Christianity the palm tree stands for paradise. Heroes were therefore decorated with palm trees. Until today, Palm Sunday is an important church holiday.

Fun Fact: The magic wand of Harry Potter was made from the wood of a holly - in German we say "stich palm".

For over 15 years the palmen24.de team has been growing with the wishes of its customers. Motivated by this beautiful old African fairy tale of a palm tree, which exists in many different traditions: In the desert at the edge of an oasis stood a young palm tree. One morning there was a heavy stone in her crown whose weight made her life difficult. Neither the palm tree itself nor the wind could loosen the stone from the crown. But the young palm tree grew beyond itself because of the challenge. With great effort she let her roots grow so deep into the earth that they met a hidden water vein of the oasis. Supplied with sufficient water and with the help of the sun, the palm tree quickly grew into a large, magnificent strong palm tree. Its strong trunk lifted itself up and pressed against the stone until it fell out.