conserved real leaf palm leaves

Mini Palm Leaf for your Decoration
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Our fronds are real palm fronds from real palm trees and therefore a natural product. This brings their absolutely natural appearance with it.

Our palm fronds are actually a waste product. Dried up palm fronds sink to the ground and break off at some point. Only the lowest part of the dried out fronds forms the trunk over the years. The naturally broken off palm fronds are conserved by us.

On the market for decorative palm fronds you can usually find artificial fronds. With our palm fronds you avoid plastic as well as the energy used for their production.

Preserved palm fronds have become a popular decoration idea. You can use them to cover bars, hang whole walls, decorate catering buffets, decorate stages, embellish trade fair stands and design living areas.

Our fronds are especially popular every year on Palm Sunday. The palm fronds are used to decorate the altar and are worn during the processions - here we recommend for children the palm fronds in the length of 1,20m, because otherwise they become too heavy. Palm fronds are also a symbol of mourning in the Christian tradition and are associated with the resurrection of Christ. They can be used as grave decoration.

The palm fronds in the length of 1,20m are the base of our palms. For the crown of an Areca palm you need about 32 palm fronds. The smaller Phoenix Palm looks best with 20-22 palm fronds. The minimum order quantity is 10 palm fronds.

The palm fronds can be used outdoors, but depending on the weather they have a much shorter shelf life. Due to sunlight our real leaf preserved palm fronds fade after some time. This process depends on the intensity and duration of the sunlight.