Gallery with our palm trees and palmleaves

In our gallery you can see how various our palm trees are used and how natural they look. Whether for an event or in your own home - our palm trees are a very special decoration everywhere. Entire walls have already been covered with our real palm leaves - or a single fronds shines in all its glory. You have to look down and be amazed how even fashion is created from real palm leaves! Rental, private living area, single leaves, fashion - let yourself be inspired...

1. rental of our palms
We rent out our palm trees with preserved real leaves for events, shows, and fim scenery.

artificial palm
tropical decoration

palms event
Decorative palm trees

decorative palms berlin
under palm trees

artificial palm trees
Caribbean decoration

rental palms
Building palm trees with joy

palm trees buy berlin
palm trees Shopping Center

palms rental berlin caribbean
Caribbean theme

2. real leaf preserved palm trees in private homes
Also in your own flat our palm trees are popular and an absolute eye-catcher!

Palm trees in living room

palm tree bedroom
Palm trees in bedroom

palm trees living room
working under palm trees

palm fronds leaves
romantic decoration

decorative palm
an eye-catcher

3. decoration with single palm leaves
Our palm leaves are also a very special decoration on their own!

palm leaf branches
palm leaves in a vase

palm leaf branch
also all alone very special

ritter sport palm fronds
Ritter Sport "Bunte Schokowelt Berlin"

ritter sport palm frond
Ritter Sport "Bunte Schokowelt Berlin"

palm frond event
Palm leaves in full splendour

buy palm fronds
We love our palm trees

palm leaf tuckerbar
Tucker Bar

4. renting our palm trees in the outdoor area
Our palm trees are not to be used for long-term outdoor applications. In good weather, however, the palm trees can be used outside for shorter events.

palm tree rental
art-project with palm-trees

decorative palms rental
Event with palm trees

palms berlin movie premiere
Film premiere "Spring Breakers"

palms rental berlin
Summer, palm trees...

lending palm trees
Palm trees in winter

rent palm trees
Beach Bar

palms berlin
palm trees in Berlin

palms garden party
at the garden party also the quadrupeds love our palm trees

5. palm trees for christmas
Not only as a Christmas present, but also as an alternative Christmas decoration, our palm trees are gladly decorated.

real palm tree
Palm trees instead of Christmas trees

christmas palm
Chrismas palm tree

palm christmas
christmas decorated palm tree

6. fashion from palm leaves
Fashion from palm leaves? See for yourself!

palm frond

palm leaf

palm leaves